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What’s Going On

Alright, so we sorta skipped out on yall this summer. And not on purpose. At least not at first. We thought we just needed a break. But now we know better. After praying about it and talking it over, Rebecca and I have reached a conclusion. Jen we already knew was getting ready to leave the blog. Both of us have really busy schedules. We felt like we were forcing the blog. So here’s the conclusion we came to:

Last year we were supposed to write a devotional blog for teens. It was where we needed to be, what we felt called to do. This year it’s not what we need to be doing. So we’re not going to. Maybe someday we or someone else will take up the blog, but for now it will lie dormant. Feel free to read through the archives or post to the prayer wall. We’ll try to keep up with any new comments, but there won’t be any new posts. We love yall and will continue to keep yall in our prayers and ask that you do the same. God Bless.

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