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Shout unto God!

What’s today?! Championship game day! So… I thought that I would do something pertaining to it! If anyone knows me well at all they know that I love football with a passion! Whether it is High School football or college… I adore it! I was thinking this morning about how all over the country tonight there will be people yelling at their TV sets and no matter who wins someone will be kidding the other teams fans. That’s just the way it is. We wear our game day shirts, know all of the stats, and would never dream of doing something besides watch the game! If you are not a football fan.. I’m sorry! I am truly making fun of myself, but if you live in Alabama you know that I’m not exaggerating at all!

Then I began to brainstorm (Hold on, this may be a bumpy ride!)…. We get so excited about football yet, why are we just mediocre about God? Just to be honest the thought then popped in my head…. “B/c God isn’t as exciting!”. Can I tell you how wrong I was?! Those guys who play football are only so good… they can only make so many touchdowns and win so many awards. Can i tell you though…. Not one of them could save you or I from Hell.  I wouldn’t want my life depending on them! Then my thought went even a little further… how is it that people who are souled out to one team will often not give up on them. A couple of years back when Bama was doing terrible I still would wear the Bama shirts without giving it a second thought. Even when they were not the popular team! So, I thought …do I wear the name of God as proudly when it is not the popular thing to do? I had to think about it for a while. What about you though? Do you wear the name of God even when it isnt the popular team to go for? Finally, at the end of my rabbit trail of a thought I remembered a song and it is called, “Shout unto God”. Seeing that I do not know how to post it on the actual blog post I will put the link in a comment, but it is an awesome song talking about shouting unto God with a voice of triumph and how the enemy has been defeated. For you Alabama fans…. are you going to be shouting tonight if our enemy (Texas) has been defeated? I’m sure you will be! Why not shout for God? We KNOW that His enemy has been defeated!

Enjoy the game tonight, but remember… football is not the only thing that you can get excited about!! 🙂

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