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Where does your joy come from?

Hi! This post is going to be somewhat like the post earlier this week! I found a new verse the other day that i LOVE! It is Nehemiah 8:10b says, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.”! Bro. Hal (Our pastor) was talking a couple of weeks about how the Bible says to “Put on” joy, love, kindness, etc (Colossians 3:12-15). He pointed out that it didn’t say “Ask for joy and love”. You can think of it as a coat… How many times do you hear parents asking their children to put their coat on? Often if you have younger bothers and sisters! Now think… would those parents ask that if they had not given the child a coat or if you had never taught them how to put it on? No! That would be crazy! It’s the same way with God. He has provided us with love, joy, and peace. He has already given it to us when He died on the cross! It is our choice as to whether or not we will use it. Just like a child not wearing his coat! In this world there are more things than i even want to think about that could keep us from having peace and joy or loving others, yet nothing is bigger than my God. What about yours?! I love this song as it talks about joy that will not go away and just enough stregnth to live for today! Often it seems as if God doesnt give us enough stregnth… we cant live this life! Yet, God (The same God who made you!) knows what you need… He knows how many hairs are on your head! Trust me… He knows how much stregnth you need! Like we talked about yesterday…. He may want you to just rely on Him!

So, enjoy the song and remember to put your coat on today!! 🙂

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